Swami Om continuously making his way to take on social media and Tv News Channel by his hilarious revelations. At last, we have ended the Om Swami’s chapter with his eviction news when he threw his pee on his fellow contestants and badly thrashed by Big Boss host Salman Khan. However, the controversy is not taking the name of ending and Om Swami again made the insane revelation on Salman Khan, whether to believe or not but we can presume how TRP drama splurged in front of us. Swami Om shocked not just the interviewer, but also the entire viewers when he (blatantly) claimed that he had not just SLAPPED Salman Khan, but also had dragged him by his hair so that he can show it to the camera.

These days, when a person switches on the TV set, he/ she are treated to an array of reality shows that are being aired in many channels these days. One of the reality shows that never fall short of the much-needed masala happens to be ‘Bigg Boss’. The earlier seasons have witnessed contestants like Rakhi Sawant, Sunny Leone (Yes, she was also a contestant once) and many others.

This season of ‘Bigg Boss’ (season 10) has been a bit different from its earlier seasons as this season saw the inclusion of the common man being locked in the Bigg Boss house with the celebrities.

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