Whenever we trying to come out of the insane challenges trending on the Internet we always often landed in the latest one. Here we are going to tell you the past, present and future of this latest challenge and after reading if you think that you become eligible of doing this task then go through the tricks mentioned below before clicking one finger selfie.

one finger selfie challange

What is the One-finger selfie challenge?

The challenge is to stand naked in front of a mirror and use a strategically -placed finger to cover both your breasts and privates. As the origin of this challenge started from a woman so mostly you will find the images of women portraying themselves in front of a mirror.

one finger selfie challange

As it becomes internet sensation Man and Transgenders also taking participation in this activity.

we found a blogger Delia Melody a transgender has also posted her own version on social media with the caption. She captioned the picture: “Yes, I’m #transgender, yes my boobs are real, No, I haven’t had ‘The Surgery™’ and yes, I nailed the #onefingerselfiechallenge.”

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