Everything goes in the name of prank realized from this foppish YouTuber who runs his youtube account by the name ‘The Crazy Sumit‘ .

As you dug deeper with his youtube account you may be realised what the guy actually doing in the name of caper, For instance, this guy randomly goes to girls engage her in stupid conversation and suddenly make his step forward to kiss her which left that girl annoying, before she took stand against him, the man ran away.

Many in the world of digital including writers and social activist shared his video while condemning the act of this man!

These kinds of pranks and funny videos plays a brutal role to normalising the assault against the women. Remember what Bengaluru incident has taken place in the name of? “It is a new year eve, so let it be” and instead of condemning the issues a statement stated that “At late night what women were doing there in very short clothes” by a Bengaluru minister.

Sexual harassment is NOT a bloody joke. It’s a heinous reality which both men and women face on daily basis.

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