Rs 2000 notes without Mahatma Gandhi's image? (Pic Courtesy: Twitter)
Rs 2000 notes without Mahatma Gandhi’s image? (Pic Courtesy: Twitter)

How will you react if a bank handed over some Rs 2000 notes WITHOUT the image of Mahatma Gandhi on them? We bet you will freak out and think that they all are fake.

Ever since demonetisation, people have been facing the cash crunch. And at a time like this, getting Rs 2000 notes without Gandhi ji’s portrait will definitely confuse you. But you don’t have to worry. Recently, it was reported that some farmers from a remove village of Madhya Pradesh’s Sheopur district got some Rs 2000 notes without Mahatma Gandhi’s image from a State Bank of India branch.

While they thought that the notes were fake, here’s the truth behind it.

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