Former Big Boss contestant and TV actress took over the social media as claiming that she didn’t allow to board her flight as being a Hindu. According to her, she was barricaded by a Muslim guy name Abdul Nadeem who is ground staff, wherein she has uploaded a video expressing her outrage against the Jetairways directly from the ground zero.
But her rant wasn’t getting the cool response and has been thrashing by social media for reaching late to the destination point.
here is her video

Jet Airways is the most pathetic airline. I was offloaded as there was NO Extra Bus to drop us from gate to plane or whatever was the reality from secular angle to rowdy supervisor, to their timeline story. Hope all the intolerant people can get a life too 😂😂😂😂

Publié par Payal Rohatgi sur lundi 2 janvier 2017

Payal and her partner, wrestler Sangram Singh reached the airport at 6:20 am to catch a 6:50 am flight to Kerala. According to Payal, the Muslim ground staff of Jet Airways misbehaved with them and offloaded them from the flight for no fault of their own.

The number of tweets and Facebook posts has been coming against of her act to teach her mistake, despite calling herself Hindu and misbehaved by a ‘Muslim’ airport staff!

Any person who has ever travelled in a plane knows that it is really important to reach the airport on time. Unlike travelling by a bus or a train, catching a flight is not just getting a ticket and boarding at the last moment, there are a lot of security protocols and other formalities involved and everyone has to go through them.

It is understandable to not know about all these things if you are flying for the first time, but it is expected of celebrities and regular flyers to know about the rules.

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